We do not offer residential maintenance services. However, we do have our capable team to handle your projects from design to build.

It depends on the spare parts that were replaced and are set by the parts supplier. Some parts have no warranty, and some parts have a warranty from 15 days up to 1 year.

Unfortunately we do not accept credit card payments, we take the project payments in bank transfers or cash.

We always prefer to check the site conditions before issuing a quote. In case a site inspection is not possible at the time of the inquiry, we reserve the right to modify the quote according to the site requirements once the project is confirmed.

Concept design revision is up to 2 times only, any additional revisions may result in a charge to be submitted according to the scale of the revision. Once the concept design is approved by the client, any additional revisions will be charged a revision fee

We charge our designs as it takes time and effort to come up with unique ideas for your project once the project is awarded to us. We may wave off the design fees as a thank you for working with us!

Every project is unique! We can only determine the duration of the project once we confirm the required scope of work. The scale of project, and the site conditions.

We normally take 3days to start a project; however, that depends on the time it takes to obtain the authority approvals needed to start the project.

The design can take from 3-10 working days. It all depends on the scale of the project, the amount of detail, the scope (Whether its interior design or landscape design), and the desired presentation (3D walkthrough or 2D plan).
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